VKL2352 SUNVIC – C.45-95



VKL2352 SUNVIC Adjustable Safety Cut-Out with a manual reset button.

Sunvic VKL 2352 is an adjustable a safety cutout WITH A SETTABLE RANGE OF 45 – 95°C.

Sunvic VKL2352, 280mm, 16Amp 40-95C

The VKL 2352 is a single pole break on rise 230v 16A safety device with a range of 40c to 95c available to set through the fitted dial.

Note: This device will not control the temperature, it is only for use as a safety cut-out.

The VKL 2352 head is mounted on an 11″ (280mm) rod, so please confirm that the thermostat pocket is of the correct length.

If you’d like a nice immersion heater to put the stat in, you will find our Industrial Immersion Range more than adequate.


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