18kW Brewery Copper / Kettle Heater

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18kW Brewery Copper / Kettle Heater 2.25″BSP Brass screwplug 39″ immersed length 1 stat pocket


Breweries really are our favourite customers, therefore we need you busy brewing, not cleaning, thus our 18kW Brewery Copper / Kettle Heater features:

  • UK Stock of Italian manufactured heaters.
  • 10mm diameter Incoloy 800 elements, with huge great, wide open spaces between elements for cleaning purposes
  • 2.25″ BSP Brass Screwplug (suits 95% of brewers, SS bespoke ii Range available for other 5%)
  • 6″ or 150mm inactive or cold end
  • 39″ or 990mm  immersed length
  • ABS IP65 terminal enclosure rotateable through 360 degrees
  • 8.4 w/cm² or 57w/in² watt density (the lower the watt density, the less sh1t sticks!)
  • 415v by default, reconfigurable to be 240v single phase if required
  • complete with 11″ thermowell.

While we love all (paying) customers, brewers really are our favourites, because you bring happiness and hangovers to us all. If one of you could invent some hangover free beer, then we would be very interested to hear about it. The older one gets, the worse (and longer lasting) the hangovers seem to be. So, call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your 18kW Brewery Copper / Kettle Heater requirements.


If you absolutely insist on buying online, please don’t forget the stat to control and / or cutout.

  • Control only – 5-80°C or 45 -120°C.
  • Control & Failsafe Cutout – Control 8-65°C, Cutout @ 90°C – Horizontal Fit (Thru the Side) or Vertical fit (Thru top or bottom of vessel).
  • Cutout only – Settable between 45-95°C.

We understand your need to get water from one part of your process at 70ºC, up to the boil as quickly as possible. Therefore this demand for lots of power needs to be  balanced with a maximum immersed length of about 1m. The more element we can squeeze into the available space, the more we are able to reduce the watt density of the elements. Therefore, it may be worth having a look at our Blog entry, in which I have tried to explain the importance of watt density and its relevance when choosing and using a brewery immersion heater.

Possible Alternative Heaters.

If you are that rarest of breeds, The Rich Brewer, and fancy getting creative, then we can do Removeable Brewery Heaters on a hygienic SS tank fitting (DN50, 80 or 125 depending on power needs & depth of pockets), with straight or ? shaped elements to follow the circumference of the tank. We will need an in in depth conversation about your local circumstances, dimensions, entry ports, etc.

18kW Brewery Copper / Kettle Heater – Hopefuly Useful Information

On our blog, ElementsOfHeating there is a wealth of relevant and useful information, such as an explanation of what a heating element actually is. And my best punt at explaining the joys of watt density, and it’s crucial importance when choosing the most appropriate heating elements for water, oil, and breweries. Generally speaking, soft water, if you can find it, or indeed soften it with one of these, is good up to 80 w/in². Hard water, which is most of us, needs to be at or below 40 w/in², otherwise the magnesium & calcium sticks to the element, preventing heat dissipation, encouraging even more sh1t to stick, eventually killing the element. Light oils, such as cooking & seed oils, are ok at 25 w/in², but heavy industrial oils will need to be down at 12 w/in². Simply put, you need more element in the available space.

18kW Brewery Copper / Kettle Heater – More Useful Stuff.

On this site, you will not only find an online catalogue of our core range of products. You’ll find tips, advice and guidance, as well as links to other resources to make your life easier, including our heating calculators.

YouTube Channel.

On our YouTube channel we have videos showing how to wire an immersion heater

…an explanation of what a heating element is

..as well as this 2 minute explanation of what an immersion heater is.

Sidetracked onto our Sister Site?

If you now realise that what you are in fact searching for is a Heating Element, as opposed to an Immersion Heater, you have two options. You can stay on this website, research Heating Elements, find what you need, & then call Jamie on 01827 215684.

Or you can go to our sister site, HeatingElements.co.uk where you will find additional information, exampled below, and you are able to buy online, should you wish to avoid a long telephone conversation with Jamie, about Life, the Universe & Everything. Or perhaps you love banks & their 2% charges. I don’t. So please call Jamie on 01827 215684.

The more “Wiggle Room” you have in terms of power rating & length, then the more likely we are to be able to find something on the shelf. In stock, makes the process both quicker & easier. If elements are required STRAIGHT or NARROW U BENT (ie, <=50mm fixing centres) then lengths will have to be close enuf. But if we can squeeze in a W shaped element then this allows the “middle leg” to vary according to what lengths are available on the shelf. Likewise, if you can be flexible on power rating, we may not have sufficient 1000w elements to hand, but if you could take 1250w, 1333w, or perhaps 750w, then we are better able to accommodate your needs quickly & cost efficiently.

BSP Screwplug Info – Simple Version.

So, simply put, I am hoping you measure the screwplug of your dead heater at 65mm.

Or alternatively, the hole in your vessel at 63mm.

Either way, this measurement is best acheived with a Vernier Gauge if you have one handy. A tape measure and a steady hand will have to suffice if not. As a backup, a bit of string or cotton, wrapped around the circumference of the dead heater screwplug, then measured on the tape measure, should give you a good approximation.

The safest, 100% way to check your screwplug size is to wander casually into a Plumbase, Screwfix, or the like, and ask for a nut of your guesstimated size, then screw it on to the heater. This avoids the unlikely, but still possible accurence that you are the possessor of a “Bastard Size” which may have a different thread pitch, number of threads per inch, etc.

More detailed info & full chart HERE.


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    Solid heater and easy order process. The heathers come with all the bits needed so hooking them up is very straight forward.

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