TSDR1104 COTHERM TCV11.8.65.90




Cotherm TSDR1104 Dual Purpose Thermostat & Cutout – 280mm Stem, 20AMP – VERTICAL FIT ONLY.

A Cotherm TSDR1104 is a VERTICAL FIT adjustable control thermostat with a range of approximately 8°C – 65°C, with a safety cutout at 90°C.

The TSDR1104 is a rod thermostat with single pole break-on-rise action rated at  20A 240v.  The stem (rod) is 265mm long and 7.5mm in diameter making suitable for use in all standard 280mm x 8mm (11″ x 5/16″) thermostat pockets.  It is ideal for use in commercial products for direct control of single phase loads up to 3kW or to operate a contactor for higher loads or three phase applications.

If you’d like a nice immersion heater to put the stat in, you will find our Industrial Immersion Range more than adequate.


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