Breweries, my favourite customers.

Raise a glass of something cold & wet, to those who bring Happiness and Hangovers to the unwashed masses. Cheers, Yamas, Sláinte, Kanpai, Proost, Gan bei, Iechyd da, Skål, Sei gesund,  Na zdrowie, Zum wohl, À votre santé, Gesondheid, Na zdravi!

Brewers of this green and pleasant land, I need your help.

Please send me a foto of my heaters in situ, in your pristine clean & shiny brewing environment (!), to add to this page so that I can prove I mean what I say. I’ll put a link to your website so we both get a bit of G##gle-Juice.

My previous page with my previous employers is just about still visible, if you’d like to see the look I am aiming for.

Love you all, love the hangovers less.